Michael Kane Boral Shares Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from His Vast Experience in Growing Businesses

Michael Kane Boral

August 24, 2021

Michael Kane Boral Shares Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from His Vast Experience in Growing Businesses

Michael Kane Boral shares powerful business lessons for upcoming entrepreneurs.

1. Follow your dream

One critical lesson upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from Michael Kane Boral is that following your passion can lead to success. When you love what you do, you can give everything to thrive in your business.

Michael Kane started the world’s first formaldehyde-free insulation building at Johns-Manville in the late 1990s. Driven by a passion for launching another business, Michael Boral began Calstar Products in 2009, a Silicon Valley start-up. The company decreased the carbon footprint of brick manufacturing.

2. Continue to learn

If you want to do well as an entrepreneur, there’s no harm in becoming a bookworm. You should set aside time to read to hone your skills. While you may not be a guru, you need general knowledge.

Michael Kane Boral always found ways to innovate and start new products in the green tech field. While at USG, he was key in the commercialization of USG Fiberboard, a paperless, recycled content and a strong wallboard substitute, in the mid-1990s.

3. Expect failure

As an upcoming entrepreneur, you should expect to face roadblocks that can lead to failure. Or you may not hit your targets, explains Michael Kane Boral. But giving up isn’t an option. It would be best if you soldiered on until you got it right.

Michael Kane began Boral True Exterior Trim and Siding at Boral in 2011, with a low carbon footprint and a high recycled content, tough exterior building product from a blend of fly ash and sand.

4. Building a great team

According to Michael Kane Boral, you can’t work alone and expect to succeed in your business. First, you should hire top talent, but make sure they’re willing to support your vision. Also, develop a strong corporate culture, giving your staff the freedom to work independently.

As a result of teamwork, Boral’s Australia branch also started Envisia, a green tech concrete option for traditional Portland cement-based concrete using fly ash and slag cement.

5. Focus on the future

While your business’s day-to-day activities need your full attention, you should always think about tomorrow. Don’t be so bogged down by your business chores that you forget the vision you want to achieve.

Michael Kane Boral led the first Boral’s North American Division and later became the global CEO and Managing Director in Sydney, Australia. Boral expanded its Australian, Asian, and North American divisions through acquisitions and joint ventures.

Michael Kane Boral is an executive with over 47 years of experience running multiple global building products and material businesses. Michael Kane has steered startup companies to success, including cement, polymer, roofing, gypsum, asphalt, insulation, sidings, and more. Michael Boral’s leadership in manufacturing and sales teams has spread to the whole of North America, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and Asia/Pacific.

Currently, Michael Boral is in retirement.