Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) Discusses How to Grow Businesses in an Ethical Manner

Michael Kane Boral

October 15, 2021

Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) Discusses How to Grow Businesses in an Ethical Manner

Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) has helped many businesses thrive and create higher levels of success in many fields. Over the years, though, he has seen a rise in questionable ethical behaviors when expanding and growing a business. These actions are concerning and show a market that needs to learn stronger ethics.

Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) and Ethical Business Growth

Success in the business world is driven by careful and cutthroat and activities, actions that may cross the line into questionable ethical areas. Michael Kane Boral knows that business growth, in particular, is plagued by these issues. As a result, companies that want to push on to the next level of competition often find themselves having to do things like aggressively driving competitors out of business.

For instance, look at the behaviors are major conglomerates. They power their growth by offering very low prices on goods that smaller companies cannot compete with, which in and of itself is not necessarily unethical. However, they often target smaller businesses in cities and offer goods at a loss, simply to drive them out.

Such aggressive behaviors are not uncommon in the business world. It is a dog-eat-dog world, after all. That said, there’s a difference between competitiveness and unethical behaviors. For instance, Michael Kane (Boral Ret.) knows more than one business that has slid a few thousand dollars into the pockets of a community under the guise of a “donation,” buying goodwill and loyalty from area leaders.

This behavior is not uncommon, even from formerly ethical businesses. Growth and success often fuel fear of failure, causing questionable actions that lead to poor decisions. In this situation, ethical behavior can seem harder to pursue. Thankfully, it is not an impossibility to follow more positive actions and retain a competitive business edge.

First, it is crucial to train all of your employees on proper ethics and strongly emphasize these actions when expanding your firm. Consider things like competition, their right to exist, community integration, environmental protection, non-interference doctrines, and much more. These ideas all help to ensure that your company stays focused on more ethical actions and behaviors.

For example, Michael Kane Boral believes it is essential to respect the right of other businesses to exist and compete with you. You don’t have to drive them out of business to succeed. Instead, you can use the competition to drive yourself to new levels of creativity. Remember: if you don’t have anybody pushing you to be better, you might end up stagnating and losing customers anyway.

Just as importantly, you need to think of the kind of behaviors you’ve condemned other businesses for doing. Things like bribing officials, head-hunting employees, skirting around environmental guidelines, and cheaping out on safety standards all create a complex business environment. But if these companies are questionable for acting in this way, what does that make you?