Michael Kane Boral Explains the Best Personality Traits of a CEO

Michael Kane Boral

May 17, 2021

Michael Kane Boral Explains the Best Personality Traits of a CEO

The Best Personality Traits of a CEO According to Michael Kane, Boral CEO (Ret)

Achieving the position of CEO requires dedication and hard work and no short amount of luck. Being a strong leader is required. However, once that magical title is bequeathed upon an individual, they often forget many traits they admired in their successor. Effective leadership is one of the most critical aspects of a team and a company’s success. But this begs the question, what makes a leader effective, and what traits must a CEO possess to become an exceptional leader? Keep reading to learn more from Michael Kane Boral CEO (Ret).

Having the ability to digest and learn from past experiences (successes or failures) and implement new lessons in the future is gold. CEOs are only human and make mistakes. However, it is critical to learn from them to prevent mistakes from occurring again.We learn from our mistakes if we take the time to study them.

In addition to learning from the past, possessing strong communication skills is a must, according to Michael Kane.. As the leader of a company, a CEO must be able to effectively communicate positives and negatives, as well as boost morale when required. From motivating the team to complete projects to communicating what and how it is needed, effective communication is used in all aspects of the position. In short, a CEO must cast a vision that is clear, uncomplicated and measurable. At Boral we focused on three words – Fix, Execute and Transform and for 8 years built our strategies product by product, country by country around these three imperatives.

An effective CEO and leader must also be able to build relationships with coworkers and clients to remain successful. Garnering internal relationships creates a positive image of the company and CEO while creating loyalty.

Realistic optimism is another important characteristic of a CEO, according to Michael Kane Boral.CEO (Ret). A CEO must be confident but not arrogant and confront challenges while attempting to reach corporate goals. Part of having realistic optimism is understanding all aspects of the internal and external business. CEOs must understand that employees have lives away from the workplace and if an emergency arises, the employee needs to handle it.

One of the most difficult skills a CEO can possess is the ability to listen. Some of the top executives in the world are distinguished by their ability to listen to and seek out ideas offered by others. This allows the best CEOs to incorporate others viewpoints into their plans to solve issues. Part of the information learned by listening, allows a CEO to take calculated risks. This shows confidence, leadership, and helps the company be more successful.But noone is perfect and we fail ourselves and others as we strive – the point is to pick yourself up and keep at it.Each of us is broken in our own way – together we can pick up where others slip and deliver our work product which in the end is ourselves.

As Michael Kane l knows, being a CEO can be an incredibly difficult job since it combines all these effective characteristics but helping the company and employees grow can be incredibly rewarding!