About Me

Michael Kane Boral is a recently retired executive with over 47 years of experience at about a dozen global building products and materials companies. Michael Kane Boral has led gypsum, insulation, cement, concrete, asphalt, roofing, siding, specialty cement, and polymer start-up efforts bringing innovation to the concrete, cement, insulation, gypsum, roofing, and sidings industries worldwide. Michael Kane Boral has led manufacturing and sales teams throughout North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Australasia, Middle East, and Europe including Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics.

For the last ten years, Michael Kane Boral has led first Boral’s North American Division then as global CEO and Managing Director in Sydney, Australia. During this period Boral grew its Asian, Australian, and North American positions through a series of joint ventures and acquisitions.

Throughout his career, Michael Kane Boral has always found room to explore innovation and new product development in the green tech area. While at USG he was project lead on the commercialization of USG Fiberboard, a paperless high recycled content, high strength wallboard substitute in the mid-1990s. Michael Kane Boral launched the world's first formaldehyde-free building insulation at Johns-Manville in the late 1990s. Michael Kane Boral led a Silicon Valley start-up in 2009, Calstar Products, which dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of brick manufacturing. At Boral, he launched Boral True Exterior Trim and Siding in 20011 a low carbon footprint, high recycled content durable exterior building product made from a mixture of sand and fly ash. Boral’s Australia operations likewise launched Envisia a green tech concrete alternative to conventional Portland cement-based concrete using fly ash and slag cement at high substitution rates with proven advantages for commercial high-rise construction. Finally, as part of Boral’s joint venture with USG, they were able to launch USG’s line of Ultra-Light and EcoSmart wallboard panels technology throughout our Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Australasia plants and bring world class low carbon, high recycled content products to these diverse markets.


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